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ALC Wall Panel

Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete (ALC) Wall Panel System

Using cement, lime, silica sand and aluminum powder as raw materials, Buildo ALC Panels are produced under high temperature, high pressure and steam curing. It is a high performing porous silicate with many advantages such as good fire-resistance, heat insulation, thermal insulation etc. It comes with a two-way welded steel reinforcement mesh (reinforcing bar) coated with anti-rust liquid. It can be used as internal wall panels, external wall panels, roof panels and floor slab panels. Buildo standard ALC panel wall panels are non-load bearing panels. However customised load bearing ALC panels can be designed and manufactured for wall, slab and roof.

Advantages of buildo autoclaved aerated lightweight concrete (alc) panel


Excellent thermal insulation, with a K-value of 9 times less than concrete, helps retain coolness indoors, saving on energy costs.


Being almost 4 times less dense than concrete makes it more efficient and safe to install, while reducing the structural cost by 15-20%.


100mm thick panel has 4 hours of fire rating. Recognized as Euroclass A1 non-combustible product.

Good Acoustic performance

Good STC rating of the panels allow them to be used in most areas designed to have high acoustic performance.

water resistant

Contains millions of closed microscopic cells which strongly resist moisture from passing through.

fast and easy installation

Easily cut, cored and grinded to customized sizes, together with its lightweight makes M&E cuting as well as installation fast and easy.

Fully cured

Fully cured in 11 hours as compared to concrete which takes 28 days, minimizing cracks due to shrinkage of panels.


Abilitiy to absorb strong impacts, while also being able to withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking.

Buildo Watertight ALC Watertight System

Buildo watertight system consists of the use of PU foam and PU Adhesive. PU foam forms a permanent, air tight and waterproof bond between ALC panels and structure beam, columns, lintels and stiffeners. PU foam expands 20 to 30 times and can be used also to seal the gaps between window/door frame and wall gaps. It also help minimise cracks due to building movement and deflection, thus minimizing the water moisture entering the building throughout the crack lines. PU Adhesive is designed for fast and powerful adhesion of ALC panels and other construction elements at buildings. PU foam and PU Adhesive are fast curing, clean, efficient and economical.

Buildo ALC Installation Method

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