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Ceiling Insulation/Basement Ceiling Insulation insulation by Multipor

In the construction of commercial or private underground parking garages, when building a house, or renovating a building – without effective ceiling insulation, energy will be lost through the ceiling. The Multipor ceiling insulation system fulfills energy and fire protection requirements with the highest ecological quality and optimal efficiency. The products can be used for heat insulation and cooling insulation. It provides an excellent thermo-hygrometry, a long-lasting insulation and allowing the achievement of a high comfort and welfare housing in full compliance with technical standards.

Benefits of Multipor ceiling insulation

Multipor flat roof insulation

In the thermal insulation of flat roofs, the insulation materials used must meet high requirements. Multipor is an extremely pressure-resistant, non-compressible mineral insulation board - perfectly suited for the insulation of flat roofs.

Benefits of Multipor ceiling insulation

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Mulitpor Ceiling Insulations Systems

Multipor Roof Insulation Systems

Multipor VS Eps (SATE)

Pitched Roof Insulation

Rooftop insulation systems for pitched roofs support energy-saving construction methods in residential and commercial construction. The massive Multipor mineral insulation boards are especially easy to process on roofs. Their breathability and fire safety make Multipor the perfect solution for above-rafter roof insulation or solid roof insulation.

Benefits of Multipor pitched roof insulation