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UNIFIX PANEL for Roof and Facade

UNIFIX Fiber reinforced lightweight cement boards are construction boards made of a core of Portland cement with added inerts and covered on both sides by a reinforcing fiberglass mesh. They do not deteriorate in the presence of water, hence thei durability in humidity saturated environments. UNIFIX boards are ideal for creating curved elements with dry bending radius without preformations up to 15 cm. The products can be used for heat insulation and cooling insulation. It provides an excellent thermo-hygrometry, a long-lasting insulation and allowing the achievement of a high comfort and welfare housing in full compliance with technical standards.
The versatility of Diasen insulating products allows them to be used for new construction, old construction, renovation and energy requalification, for facades and partition walls.

Benefits of Unifix Panel:

Example of Application on a steel structure

Easy to transport in small pallets:

Diasen’s decorative products are the perfect solution to obtain a continuous and innovative finish, able to make any ambience unique.
The decorative line allows for coatings and finishes to be highly versatile for both indoor, outdoor, on horizontal and vertical surfaces without joints and seams. The end result is an ecological and high performance product, suitable on many types of materials and surfaces. It is still possible to obtain shiny or matte effects in rustic or modern appearances.

And bendable on site. Watch the video preview here.


Combined together with our ISOBOND reinforced liquid membrane create an artistic effect in any color and finishing.