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Building a Sustainable Future: Green Solutions for Eco-Friendly Construction
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Our Story

Buildo is the leading advocate for green architecture. Originating as a premier supplier of Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete (ALC) reinforced panels, Buildo has evolved over the past decade, expanding its commitment to sustainability by introducing innovative cork-based products to the market. 

ALC, renowned for its low density, not only minimizes raw material consumption but also reduces carbon emissions during transportation and installation, all without compromising on its outstanding performance and durability. Buildo has now ventured further into green architecture, offering innovative cork-based solutions such as thermal and acoustic insulation plaster, textured paint, as well as wall and floor finishes.

These products not only deliver exceptional performance but also enhance the natural aesthetics of your environment. Buildo is more than just a supplier; we provide a comprehensive solution system. Alongside delivering top-quality building materials and construction technology, we share insightful technical knowledge on design layout and installation. Our goal is to be at the forefront of the industry, promoting sustainable practices and advocating for a low-carbon lifestyle. Join us in building a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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Our Value

At Buildo Engineering Pte Ltd, our core value is a strong commitment to green architecture. Through innovative solutions like Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete (ALC) reinforced panels and cork-based products, we advocate for sustainable building practices, fostering a mindset that prioritizes eco-conscious construction for a better future.

Our Mission

Buildo Engineering’s mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by providing sustainable building solutions, inspiring the widespread adoption of green practices for a healthier planet.

Our Vision

Buildo Engineering envisions a future where green architecture is the standard, leading in sustainable construction through innovative products. We strive to influence a shift towards low-carbon practices, empowering the industry with tools to build a greener world.

Beauty of Cork

The cork forests are one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, as they are the natural habitat of many flora and fauna species. In the picturesque region of Gallura, where the cork oak trees stand proudly, a delicate process known as “decortication” takes place. Referred to as “bucadóri” in the local dialect, skilled artisans separate the cork bark from the tree with art, grace, and precision, ushering in a journey that
highlights the extraordinary beauty and versatility of cork.

This meticulous process unfolds at dawn, between spring and summer, when the sap flows, making extraction lighter and promoting future regeneration. Decortication, as the name implies, involves separating the cork from the home tree ensuring that only the bark is harvested. Unlike wood, which requires cutting down
entire trees, cork oak trees continue to thrive as their bark regrows every 9 to 10 years. The naked cork oak tree, as it regrows its bark, absorbs three times more carbon dioxide and releases increased oxygen, contributing to the green circulation of air.

Following decortication, the seasoned bark is left to embrace the elements—air, sun,wind, and rain. This natural maturation process, lasting eighteen to twenty-four months if needed, results in cork that is stable, strong, and structurally sound. As it celebrates the end of its adolescence, the cork undergoes hot boiling, transforming
into a smoothed, consistent, elastic, and flexible material ready for further transformation.

Cork’s physical properties and its connection to evolving application technologies make it an exceptionally versatile material. The millions of cells within each cubic centimeter form a unique structure that not only contributes to thermal insulation but also serves as an exceptional sound absorber. The inherent tendency of cork to trap air makes it an excellent material for sound absorption, acting as both a brake for sound waves and a catalyst for their transformation into thermal energy. 



Beyond its insulating and acoustic properties, cork is a natural fire retardant and antimicrobial. These inherent qualities make cork a canvas for continuous innovation, offering spaces an extraordinary blend of sustainability, quality, and livability. In the philosophy of cork production, “waste” doesn’t exist. Every gram of
cork is considered valuable, finding purpose in the office as a pinboard, on the table as a coaster, handmade objects, and in the niche market of wine bottles, and in sustainable construction.

The story of cork—from the skilled hands of bucadóri to its transformative properties—is a testament to the beauty and functionality of this remarkable material. Embrace the elegance of cork, where tradition meets innovation for a greener, more harmonious world.